1st Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment (Attack Battalion)
Viper Battalion Mission

1st Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment (Attack Battalion) provides U.S. Army Europe and Africa with a ready and lethal combat aviation force capable of rapidly projecting forces across the U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command areas of responsibility in support of designated plans to assure NATO Allies and partners, deter aggression, and if necessary, defeat near peer-adversaries.

Viper Battalion Leadership

Lt. Col. Jeffrey B. Meinders

Command Chief Warrant Officer:
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jarrad Walter

Command Sergeant Major:
Command Sgt. Maj. Jose Lopez-Olivera


24-hour desk
Commercial: +49 (0) 611-143-587-0904
DSN: (314) 587-0904

Helpful Links

U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach

1-3 AB SharePoint

24 Hour Suicide Hotline: 09641-8-3118
Prefix to Dial DSN: 09641-70-XXX-XXXX

SHARP Hotline: DSN: 314-569-4567, Commercial: 09641-70-569-4567
DOD Safe Help Line: DSN: 314-537-7233, Commercial: 0611-143-537-7233
USAREUR Safe Help Line: Commercial: 06311-143-53-SHARP (74277)
12CAB Brigade SARC: DSN: 314-467-3742, Commercial: 0162-254-7071

Equal Opportunity
12CAB Brigade EO: DSN: 314-467-3091

Brigade Judge Advocate/ Legal
BJA: DSN: 314-587-0755, Commercial: +49 (0)152-569-55209

Military Police
Grafenwoehr/Vilseck MP Front Desk: DSN: 314-476-3398
Ansbach MP Front Desk: DSN: 314-467-3856, Commercial: +49 (0) 980-2833-855
Wiesbaden MP Front Desk: DSN: 314-548-7777, Commercial: 0611-143-548-7777/7778