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The 12th CAB Headquarters is located on Katterbach Army Airfield (KAAF) just outside the city of Ansbach. The 12th CAB's tenant units are:

1st Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment (1-3 ARB)
Katterbach Kaserne

Lt. Col. John Morris
Command Sergeant Major:
Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Telesco
24-hour desk
Commercial: 09802-83-2626
DSN: 467-2626

1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment (General Support) (1-214 GSAB)
Wiesbaden Army Airfield

Lt. Col. Michael P. Bentley
Command Sergeant Major:
Command Sgt. Maj. Glenn Lopez-Cepero
24-hour desk
Commercial: 0611-4080-342
DSN: 332-4342

Units that are a part of the 12th CAB but are not located in the area are:

  • 52nd Aviation Regiment (Wiesbaden)
  • C Company, 1-214th GSAB MEDEVAC (Landstuhl Medical Center)
  • SHAPE Flight Detachment (SHAPE Belgium)
To contact any of the above units, please contact the 1-214th GSAB